nasTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch

Last updated 19th May 2009

nasTunes streams music and videos from your NAS (or any computer in your network) to your iPhone or iPod Touch (or any device with a web browser). Since nasTunes doesn't need any media server like Firefly or SqeezeCenter to run, it's fast even on low budget devices.

nasTunes runs or your NAS and since it's accessed with Safari or any web browser you don't need any special app to listen to your music or watch your videos. If you have access to your NAS through the internet (for example by way of DynDNS), you can access your media from any web browser anywhere in the world (though as of yet the interface is optimized for iPhone/iPod Toch use only). Screenshots of the web interface can be seen below.

nasTunes 1.0 is now available at SourceForge.

What you need

What you get

What you don't get (yet)

Since nasTunes was specifically developed for low budget NAS devices and speed was the prime concern, there are some functions missing that one can usually find in similar software. These features may be implemented in future releases of nasTunes.


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